FNP680 Diversity Issues in APN

Course Description

Provides a knowledge base for applying, analyzing and evaluating the culturally competent provision of patient-centered care. Diversity in the global healthcare delivery systems is addressed. Allows the graduate nursing students to explore various models and theories which guide the development of culturally competent nursing practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze selected theoretical frameworks and models of transcultural care.
  • Apply knowledge of social and cultural factors that affect the delivery of care across multiple cultural contexts.
  • Integrate social and cultural assessment data (including language and health literacy) in planning, implementing and evaluating care.
  • Evaluate existing healthcare research data for its application to diverse populations.
  • Identify strategies used to provide culturally competent care.
  • Examine the influence of culture on the health of individuals, families and communities.
  • Examine his/her personal cultural orientation and its influence on healthcare beliefs, values and practices.
  • Identify personal role as a leader and/or member of an interdisciplinary healthcare team in the prevention of health disparities and the achievement of culturally competent healthcare services.