NSG695B Group/Family Therapy Practicum

Course Description

Builds upon the knowledge gained in NSG695A and allows students to apply principles in behavioral health settings. Draws upon theories of behavior patterns, belief systems, contexts and integrative models in planning care for primary health clients. NSG695A and NSG695B must be taken concurrently and both completed satisfactorily to progress.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use information and communication technologies, resources, and principles of learning to teach patients and families.
  • Illustrate learning and teaching principles in the design, implementation and evaluation of health education programs for groups and families in a variety of settings.
  • Describe the role of sibling position within Bowen's Family Systems Therapy.
  • Evaluate the therapeutic relationship over time with groups and families to promote positive clinical outcomes.
  • Advocate for complex patient and family medico-legal rights and issues.