NSG686 Neuroscience & Psychopathology

Course Description

This course provides the theoretical foundation for biological, anatomical, genetic and psychological aspects of primary behavioral health advanced nursing practice. Concepts from neurophysiology and neuropathophysiology, neuroanatomy, neuropsychiatry, psychiatry, genetics, psychology, nursing science and social sciences are analyzed to form the basis of advanced practice in primary mental health care.

Learning Outcomes

  • Include differential diagnosis for mental health problems, psychiatric and substance use disorders.
  • Synthesize broad ecological, global and social determinants of behavioral health; principles of genetics and genomics; and epidemiologic data to design and deliver evidence-based, culturally relevant clinical prevention interventions and strategies.
  • Summarize current evidence regarding major diagnostic and treatment actions within the behavioral health practice specialty and health care delivery system.
  • Explore the evolving field of epi-genetics and its role in primary behavioral health care.