FNP683B Care of Adult & Aged Practicum

Course Description

Application of theoretical knowledge in supervised clinical settings in the practice of caring for the adult and aged. The role of the family nurse practitioner in health promotion and disease prevention is emphasized. Required 180 preceptored/field experience clinical hours. FNP 683A and FNP 683B must be taken concurrently. Grading is S/U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the content knowledge and psychomotor skills needed to conduct a thorough patient history and physical examination.
  • Differentiate abnormal from normal physical examination findings and cluster same into patterns of significant positive and negative data.
  • Delineate differential diagnosis lists upon collection of patient data, including the history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests.
  • Outline culturally-appropriate patient management plans incorporating lifestyle modification, pharmacotherapeutics, and referrals as indicated.
  • Describe therapeutic management plans for common acute and chronic illnesses of adults and the aged that are widely endorsed by professional organizations in America.
  • Utilize research methods and and evolving information systems' technologies in the delivery of primary health care.