NSG682 Advanced Pathophysiology

Course Description

Provides pathophysiological principles and concepts essential for performing advanced clinical assessments, differential diagnoses, and therapeutic decision-making. Describes disordered physiology and clinical consequences of common disease processes. Analyses of the biophysical rationale are used during seminar, problem-solving exercises and case studies to recognize the pathophysiologic bases of clinical findings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the current research in pathophysiology related to select patient case studies of pathophysiological processes across the lifespan.
  • Describe relevant findings of diagnostic or other evaluative studies as they relate to clinical disorders.
  • Apply evidence-based knowledge related to pathophysiological processes for clinical reasoning in advanced practice nursing.
  • Develop advanced knowledge and understanding of theories that relate the pathophysiology to the cultural and social environment.
  • Develop appropriate clinical inferences for health promotion and illness prevention in individuals and families of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Interpret clinical data essential to diagnosing and managing specific pathophysiological problems.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in analyzing pathophysiologic states based on subjective and objective symptomatology.