NSG641 Advanced Pharmacology I

Course Description

First of two courses designed to meet the needs of the nurse practitioner student for advanced knowledge about pharmacological agents useful in the management of a variety of common clinical situations. It includes pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacotherapeutics. Ethical/legal issues will be reviewed and standardized procedures will be covered. Not designed to supersede or replace dosage and treatment protocols established within the nurse practitioner's setting for clinical practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Select the most beneficial therapeutic/pharmacological regime from physical assessment data and appropriate diagnosis of the patient.
  • Consistently analyze the relationship between pharmacological agents and physiologic/pathologic responses.
  • From knowledge of broad-based pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic concepts, demonstrate implementation of therapeutic regimes for optimal effectiveness and minimal adverse or untoward responses.
  • Optimize patient compliance and drug/device therapy with appropriate patient education.
  • Demonstrate appropriate selection and furnishing of drugs/devices safely and in a cost-effective manner, within the limitations of the law.
  • Demonstrate beginning application of critical thinking skills to the process of differential diagnosis and treatment.