NSG325 Psychosocial Nursing

Course Description

This course demonstrates the relevance of psychosocial nursing concepts to all areas of professional practice. It provides a conceptual integration of the nursing process, theories, and research from the biopsychosocial sciences and humanities to promote mental health and provide care to elderly people and people with mental disorders. Concurrent enrollment in NSG 325A is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize knowledge of gerontologic and mental health problems to plan safe care based on scientific rationale.
  • Understand and apply knowledge in relation to diagnostic tests and therapeutic measures used in care of the older adult and/or mentally ill patient.
  • Identify psychological, social, cultural and spiritual factors which impact the hospitalized older adult and/or mentally ill patient and relate these changes to the patient's health care needs.
  • Utilize current research findings which have implications for providing evidenced-base nursing care.