ANE635 Principles of Anesthesia I

Course Description

An in depth study of the administration of anesthesia utilizing principles of anesthesia with a pathophysiologic approach for the use of anesthesia equipment, the anesthesia gas machine, documentation, patient preoperative assessment, and basic patient care. Basic and advanced clinical monitoring, patient positioning, and thermoregulation are covered. Airway anatomy, basic and advanced airway management with practical laboratory applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appraise anatomical and physical findings, functional status, patient history and surgical considerations to formulate and modify perioperative care.
  • Evaluate and utilize data obtained from noninvasive and invasive monitoring modalities as they relate to care throughout the perianesthetic continuum.
  • Demonstrate commonly used anesthesia equipment.
  • Value the contributions of nurse anesthetists to the practice of anesthesia.
  • Assemble fundamental concepts in anesthesia science and anesthesia administration.
  • Evaluate co-morbidities as they relate to the practice of anesthesia.