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In order to realize the promise of increased availability of local academic resources and training availability, for the Clinical Laboratory Scientist profession, it is necessary to concentrate individual and organizational efforts on developing community awareness, information dissemination, program building, and national accreditation. Under my direction, the UCSD Clinical Laboratory Scientist Training Program assumed a pro-active stance in program development. Accomplishments are briefly summarized below.

  • Expansion of the number of affiliate participants for CLS training in the San Diego area to between 2 and 3 additional sites.
  • Institute a vigorous program of awareness and needed curriculum development in the local Community College system, such that students will be made aware of the profession and will be positioned academically for transfer to a local area University.
  • Institute a vigorous effort to develop curriculum at the undergraduate level to support and provide necessary courses in preparation for a career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.
  • Gain support for undergraduate curriculum offered on a regular basis, to prepare students for a career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.
  • Institute a vigorous program of information dissemination to local community High Schools, in an effort to increase future interest in the profession at an early juncture.
  • Development of informational materials (brochures, video presentations, Website development) to better inform the student population we wish to serve.
  • Commitments from area Medical Centers to become involved in training of Clinical Laboratory Scientist students.
  • Commitments from local Universities to provide academic support and counseling for prospective Clinical Laboratory Scientists.
  • National recognition for local academic providers and training providers.

Community awareness of the profession, academic course availability, and creation of new training positions at local Medical Centers to produce a strong positive influence in the San Diego area was a primary consideration. While at UCSD the promotion of an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual accomplishment aimed at increasing both the academic and practical educational resource availability for prospective Clinical Laboratory Scientist students was a critical component of our efforts.

Recent Publications
Payne, P.L., Lancaster, L.A., Heinzman, M., McCutchan, J.A., Identification of Cryptosporidium in patients with Acquired Immunedeficiency Syndrome. New England Journal of Medicine. 1983; 309 Page 614.

Heuschle, W.P, Payne, P.L., Olson, T., Scholeld, S., Oosterhuis, D., Janssen, K., Benirschke, K. Detection of Cryptosporidia and other Coccidia in Fecal Smears with Auramine. 1983 Journal of Wildlife Disease.

Courses Taught

  • Instructed Clinical Immunology course CLS 305 for MLT to CLS program.
  • Instructed HSC 440 Capstone course for Allied Health.
  • Instructed Clinical Immunology course CLS 305 for MLT to CLS program.
  • Clinical Microbiology ( under development).
  • Clinical Microbiology Laboratory (planned).
  • CLS 495 Capstone course.


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