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School of Health and Human Services
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My research has been focused on understanding how the human immune system can be used as a therapeutic tool to treat or cure diseases. Below are my recent publications (last five years) that report on my work in this area.

1. Schiltz PM, Lee JL, Korse CM, DeGast G, Dillman RO. Lack of elevation of serum S100B after induction with an autologous vaccine of proliferating tumor cells and dendritic cells. Cancer Biother Radiopharm 2008; 23(2):214-221.

2. Janetzki S, Panageas K, Ben-Porat Leah, Boyer J et al. for the Elispot proficiency panel of the CVC Immune Assay Working group. Results and harmonization guidelines from two large-scale international elispot proficiency panels conducted by the cancer vaccine consortium (CVC/SVI). Cancer Immunol Immunother 2008; 57:303-315

3. Schiltz PM, Lee JL, Zhang JG, Hoa NT, Wepsic HT, Dillman RO, Jadus MR. Human allogeneic and murine xenogeneic dendritic cells are cytotoxic to human tumor cells via two distinct pathways. Cancer Biother Radiopharm 2007; 22(5):672-683.

4. Delgado C, Hoa N, Callahan LL, Schiltz PM, Jahroudi RA, Zhang JG, Wepsic HT, Jadus MR. Generation of human innate immune responses towards membrane macrophage colony stimulating factor (mM-CSF) expressing U251 glioma cells within immunodeficient (NIH-nu/beige/xid) mice. Cytokine 2007; 38(3):165-76.

5. Dillman RO, DePriest C, DeLeon C, Barth NM, Schwartzberg LS, Beutel LD, Schiltz PM, Nayak SK. Patient-specific vaccines derived from autologous tumor cell lines as active specific immunotherapy: results of exploratory phase I/II trials in patients with metastatic melanoma. Cancer Biother Radiopharm 2007; 22(3):309-21.

6. Hoa NT, Zhang JG, Delgado CL, Myers MP, Callahan LL, Vandeusen G, Schiltz PM, Wepsic HT, Jadus MR. Human monocytes kill M-CSF expressing glioma cells by BK channel activation. Lab Invest. 2007; 87(2):115-29.

7. Dillman RO, Selvan SR, Schiltz PM. Patient-specific dendritic-cell vaccines for metastatic melanoma. N Engl J Med. 2006; 355(11):1179-81.

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9. Selvan SR, Cornforth AN, Rao NP, reid YA, Schiltz PM, Liao RP, Price DT, Heinemann FS, Dillman RO. Establishment and characterization of a human primary prostate carcinoma cell line, HH870. Prostate. 2005; 63(1):91-103.

10. Dillman R, Selvan S, Schiltz P, Peterson C, Allen K, DePriest C, McClay E, Barth N, Sheehy P, deLeon C, Beutel L. Phase I/II trial of melanoma patient-specific vaccine of proliferating autologous tumor cells, dendritic cells and GM-CSF: planned interim analysis. Cancer Biother Radiopharm. 2004; 19(5):658-65.

11. Dillman R, Schiltz P, DePriest C, Barth N, Beutel L, de Leon C, O’Connor A, Nayak S. Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and interleukin-2: dose and schedules of administration in the treatment of metastatic cancer. Cancer Biother radiopharm. 2004; 19(6):730-7.

12. Schiltz PM, Dillman RO. A theoretical approach for T-lymphocyte monitoring of autologous cancer vaccine therapy using autologous HLA-class I and HLA-class II constructs. Cancer Biother Radiopharm.2004; 19(4):405-410.

13. Dillman RO, Duma CM, Schiltz PM, DePriest C, Ellis RA, Okamoto K, Beutel LD, de Leon, Chico S. Intracavitary placement of autologous lymphokine-activated killer (LAK) cells after resection of recurrent glioblastoma. J Immunother. 2004; 27(5):398-404.

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15. Dillman RO, Soori G, DePriest C, Nayak SK, Beutel LD, Schiltz PM, de Leon C, O’Connor AA. Treatment of human solid malignancies with autologous activated lymphocytes and cimetidine: a phase II trial of the cancer biotherapy research group. Cancer Biother Radiopharm. 2003; 18(5):727-33.

16. Paul DB, Read SB, Kulprathipanja NV, Kruse CA. Gamma interferon transduced 9L gliosarcoma. Cytokine gene therapy and its relevance to cellular therapy with alloreactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes. J Neurooncol. 2003; 64(1):89-99.

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