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Personal Information
Dr. Myers is originally from upstate New York. He earned his undergraduate degree in Comprehensive Science from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York. He graduated with certification to teach chemistry, physics, and general science at the secondary level in New York. After college, he worked as a Cardiology laboratory technician full time at the University of Rochester Medical Center, taught high school chemistry part time, and finished a Master’s Degree in Education. He then received a Physiology Department fellowship to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. His graduate studies involved the structure and function of potassium channels. Dr. Myers came to Southern California in 1998 when he accepted a post-doctoral position in the laboratory of Diane Papazian in the Physiology Department of the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. His work at UCLA focused on the biogenesis of potassium channels. Before his promotion to Associate Professor at National University, he spent several years as a Lecturer and an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at California State University Long Beach (CSULB). While there, he broadened his research interests to include the function of potassium channels in glioma cancer cells and human stem cells. Dr. Myers’ research in science and education at CSULB was supported by grants totaling over $400,000 in external funding. His career at CSULB culminated in his winning the Mayfield Teaching Award for being the Outstanding Faculty Member in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM). His peer-reviewed publications include articles in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, FEBS letters, the Journal of Biotechnology, and the Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching. His passion for teaching is evident in his research into active learning, digital learning and social media strategies presented at several education conferences and international talks. Dr. Myers has used his expertise at teaching statistics at National University to write his first book on biomedical statistics published online by Coast Learning Systems. Dr. Myers now resides in the Talmadge neighborhood of San Diego and in his spare time he enjoys tennis, computers, reading, country line dancing, and motorcycling.

Most Recent Publications
Myers, M.P. Finding the Right Ways to Use Social Media in Your Digital Connections to Students and Colleagues. Proceedings of the 12th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. January 6, 2014.

Myers, M.P. Social Media and the Distance Education Workforce: Are the Best Online Teachers Found on LinkedIn? Proceedings of the 11th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. January 6 -9, 2013.

Myers, M.P. and Schiltz, P.M. “Use of Elluminate in Online Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences.” Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching. Vol 5, 2012.

Myers, Michael P. “Using Social Media to Launch Your Career.” Interview with National University’s Vision Magazine (2012) p.11. http://www.nu.edu/assets/resources/pageResources/vision-2012.pdf

Hoa, N; Myers, MP; Douglass, TG; Zhang JG.; Delgado C; Driggers, L; Callahan, L. Vandeusen, G; Pham, J; Bhakta, N; Ge, Li; Jadus, MR. “Molecular Mechanisms of Paraptosis Induction: Implications for a Non-Genetically Modified Tumor Vaccine.” PLoS ONE. 4(2): e4631. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004631, 2009.

Myers, M.P. Sustained Use of e-learning in STEM Education via Faculty e-Learning Consultants at a Large Urban University. Proceedings of the 6th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 2008.

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Hoa, N; Zhang, J; Delgado, C; Myers, M.P.; Callahan, L.; Vandeusen, G; Schiltz, Patric M.; Wepsic, H Terry; and Jadus, Martin R. Human monocytes kill M-CSF-expressing glioma cells by BK channel activation. Laboratory Investigation, 87, 115-129, 2007.

Myers, MP; Berryhill, S; Shankweiler, G.; Vo, M.; Zweier, L.; Carey, T. and Nakayama, K. Increasing Learning in Organic Chemistry Using Active/Cooperative Learning Combined with Actual Observed Student Interaction [Video]. Proceedings of the 5th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 2007.


Mayfield Teaching Award for Outstanding Faculty Member in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM), California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).

CSUPERB Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program Award.

Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Award, CSULB.

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, University of Rochester.

Content Taught
Issues & Trends in Health Care
Case and Outcome Management
Introduction to Biomedical Statistics
Allied Health Research
Survey of General
Organic and Biological Chemistry (GOB)
Biological Chemistry Laboratory
General Physiology (Cellular, Nerve, Muscle, Renal)

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