RTT 480 Internship I

Course Description

Content is designed to provide sequential development, application, analysis, integration, synthesis and evaluation of concepts and theories in radiation therapy. Objectives and competencies in this course focus on patient-centered care, team work principles, introduction to and safety procedures for treatment and simulation equipment, and lower level treatment procedures. Requires 101 hours/quarter unit and 2 hours of classroom meeting/week.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate appropriate interaction with patients and their families, colleagues, physicians and physicists.
  • Perform patient assessment and obtain and record patient vital signs.
  • Observe patient consults, treatment checks and follow-up.
  • Demonstrate control of the accelerator pendant.
  • Demonstrate appropriate team work skills.
  • Demonstrate procedures taken prior to a simulation.
  • Demonstrate simulation procedures on a variety of cancer treatments and techniques.
  • Demonstrate competence in treatment set-up and delivery for selected treatment types.
  • Demonstrate competence in simulation for selected types of diseases.
  • Demonstrate competence in following infection control procedures and universal precautions.
  • Complete all required patient care objectives and treatment/simulation competencies.