RTT 450 Quality Management

Course Description

Content is designed to focus on the components of quality improvement programs in radiation oncology. Includes quality control and assurance checks for clinical aspects of patient care, medical records, treatment delivery and localization and treatment planning equipment. Legal and regulatory implications for maintaining appropriate quality care will be covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss components of a quality management program.
  • Discuss the purpose, function and members' role on a QM team.
  • Explain federal, state and institutional accreditation standards and reporting regulations for QM.
  • Examine outcomes of QM in radiation oncology.
  • Describe the procedures and frequency for manual and electronic treatment documentation.
  • Discuss the quality of indicators to evaluate patient care areas.
  • Evaluate how outcomes of QA and QM procedures impact patient care, education and research.
  • Perform QA labs on assigned linear accelerator and treatment room, film processor and hot lab in simulation lab.