RTT 420 Radiation Biology

Course Description

Principles and concepts to include radiation effects on cellular, organ, system and levels within the entire body. Emphasis of the theories and principles of tolerance dose, time-dose relationships, fractionation schemes and the relationship to clinical practice of radiation therapy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe direct and indirect interactions between radiation and cells.
  • Describe the molecular basis of cellular radiosensitivity.
  • Explain the influence of cell cycle, repair, repopulation and reoxygenation on tissue radiosensitivity.
  • Describe the components of a cell survival curve.
  • Given clinical data, draw a cell survival curve.
  • Differentiate between cell survival curves of varying LET radiations, hypoxic and aerated cells as well as cell cycle phases.
  • Identify the acute and late effects of radiation on living tissue.
  • Describe the effects of whole body radiation.
  • Describe the long term effects of radiation.
  • Explain the effects of radiation on the developing embryo and fetus at each stage.
  • Explain the effects of time, dose and fractionation on long term side effects and treatment effectiveness.
  • Describe the relationship between LET, RBE and OER.