RTT 315 Clinical Concepts I

Course Description

Overview of cancer and the specialty of radiation therapy. The historic and current aspects of cancer treatment along with basic principles and practice of treatment and simulation will be emphasized.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the historical events that have helped shape the profession.
  • Describe the types of radiation therapy treatment and simulation equipment.
  • Explain the goals and principles of radiation therapy treatment.
  • Determine the medical and patient information needed to simulate and develop a treatment plan.
  • Differentiate between beam modifiers, immobilization and set-up devices and determine which device to use for any given treatment.
  • Accurately measure points in interest for calculation of dose.
  • Construct immobilization devices.
  • Compare a variety of immobilization and set-up devices for use in a variety of treatment set-ups.
  • Given a clinical scenario, describe the sequence of simulation procedures utilized.
  • Given basic factors, calculate the monitor units.
  • Given diagnostic information, develop a basic plan for treatment.
  • Analyze a clinical situation and make necessary changes to procedures.
  • Develop a plan to check for accuracy and lack of inconsistencies between the treatment plan, prescription and treatment.