Health Sciences

Department Head: Dr. Michael Myers

Social trends and scientific discovery continue to shape health care, especially in the areas of prevention, integrative health, and medical research. The Department of Health Sciences at National University prepares students with health sciences degrees for professional careers in health care. As a future health professional, you’ll study evidence-based research and clinical skill development with a curriculum that emphasizes prevention and integrative approaches to health care.

The Bachelor of Science in Allied Health offers knowledge, skills, and values to advance in the profession, meet society’s health care delivery demands, and work in settings with diverse patients, families, and communities.

Graduates with a health science degree can help physicians, dentists, and primary clinical specialists identify, evaluate, and prevent diseases and disorders; deliver dietary and nutrition services; and manage rehabilitation, health systems, and more. Graduates can pursue further education in health care or go on to assume supervisory, management, or educational positions.