Master of Healthcare Administration

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The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is a graduate professional degree designed to enhance the practice of healthcare administration/management by preparing students for entry level and middle management roles in healthcare organizations. Healthcare management involves the organization, financing and delivery of services to prevent and treat illness and disease, including programs that serve the public and private sectors at all levels -- local, state, and federal. Faculty members have expertise in diverse fields such as management, economics, law, medicine, public health, planning, sociology, and statistics. They are united by a common commitment to solving problems and developing innovations related to the access, cost, and quality of healthcare.

The MHA program emphasizes the conceptual and analytical skills required to understand and manage today's healthcare organization and prepare for tomorrow s challenges. Special attention is given to the social contributions of the profession and its unique people dependent focus. Also featured are experiential opportunities in project management, teamwork and leadership. Ideal candidates for the MHA program are those students looking for career advancement from middle to upper middle management; those looking for career transition into healthcare administration from other professions; and those looking to advance from clinical/technical roles to management roles. Graduates will enhance their opportunities for professional growth and job placement through carefully planned internships and a capstone experience. The MHA program is an associate member institution of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Solve complex problems in a healthcare environment by employing analytical skills.
  • Establish strategic priorities of a healthcare organization in line with the needs and values of the community it serves.
  • Conduct financial analysis, explain financial and accounting information, and make long-term investment decisions for a healthcare organization.
  • Apply healthcare management concepts for healthcare organizations.
  • Utilize administrative and clinical information technology and decision-support tools in process and performance improvement.
  • Incorporate the principles of quality management for improving outcomes in healthcare organizations.
  • Synthesize best practices in healthcare leadership.
  • Evaluate the ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry.


To receive an MHA degree, students must complete at least 72 quarter units of graduate work. A total of 13.5 quarter units of graduate credit may be granted for equivalent graduate work completed at another institution, as it applies to this degree and provided the units were not used in earning another advanced degree. Refer to the section on graduate admission requirements for specific information regarding application and evaluation.
Core Requirements (16 courses; 72 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):
Recommended Elective (1 course, 4.5 quarter units)