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Dr. Tyler Smith is currently an associate professor teaching biostatistics, epidemiology, health informatics, and data analytics for National University. He is the program lead for the Master Degree in Health Analytics and the Chair of the Department of Community Health. Dr. Smith previously served as Department Head and Director of the Deployment Health Research Department at the Naval Health Research Center where he lead a multi-disciplinary team of more than 35 research professionals in large epidemiologic studies of military occupational and reproductive health. Dr. Smith received a BS in mathematics with an option in statistics, a MS in statistics from the University of Kentucky, and a PhD in epidemiology from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Smith has nearly 20 years of experience in health research leading large longitudinal studies, infant health registries, population health studies, and medical health outcomes research. Dr. Smith has served as President and Academic Chair for the Western Users of SAS Software and has functioned as Chair for the Statistics and Data Analysis section of the Regional and the International SAS conferences as well as other analytic and data sections and Chair of SAS Global Forum 2015.
Dr. Smith servers on editorial boards, reviews several manuscripts each month, and is a reviewer for the IoM and CDMRP.
These efforts have culminated in 133 peer-reviewed publications in major scientific journals and more than 250 presentations at scholarly meetings. Dr. Smith has served as principal investigator or co-investigator on numerous grants totaling in excess of $15,000,000.

~300 scientific abstracts selected or invited for presentation at international, national scientific meetings
Selected Awards from >25

2010 Wilkins Award, Best Scientific Research Manuscript, Naval Health Research Center

2013 National University President’s Professoriate Award
2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 National University’s Presidential Scholars Award

2014 National University’s Bridge Award for Collaboration, Communication, and Collegiality
2014 Charles E. Gibbs Leadership Prize for the best paper published in Women's Health Issues in 2013

Selected Reports from 22 Co-authored White Papers, Technical Reports, and Committee Reports

IOM (Institute of Medicine). March 2013. Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan: Readjustment Needs of Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families. Washington, DC: The National Academy Press.

Smith, TC; Smith, B. Graphing the probability of event as a function of time using survivor function estimates and the SAS? system's PROC PHREG. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Western User’s of SAS Software Conference. San Jose, CA, September 21-23, 2005.

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Smith, TC, Smith, B. Health outcomes research using time-to-event analytic approaches. Proceedings of the 15th Annual Western User’s of SAS Software Conference. San Francisco, CA, October 17-19, 2007.

Selected Refereed/Peer-Reviewed Publications from 133

Smith TC, Smith B. Understanding the Early Signs of Chronic Disease by Investigating the Overlap of Mental Health Needs and Adolescent Obesity. AIMS Public Health. Aug 2015; 2(3):487-500.

Bender M, Smith TC. Using administrative mental health indicators in heart failure outcomes research; a comparison of clinical records and ICD-9 coding. Journal of Cardiac Failure. Forthcoming

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