HTM660 System Management and Planning

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gina Piane

Course Description

Healthcare information technology lifecycle management and strategic planning; organization and management of informatics support staff and other healthcare professionals to optimize the value from health information technology implementation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze health information technologies or solution sets required to support a health organization's strategic initiatives.
  • Identify, collect and synthesize financial, cultural, technical and clinical information to evaluate health information technology projects.
  • Evaluate an information technology systems' projected life cycle, analyze a system's current status and project its remaining lifecycle.
  • Apply financial analysis and budgeting tools to project capital and operating expenses and evaluate a projected return on investment (ROI) of a health technology acquisition and implementation.
  • Design plans to affect organizational change for successful adoption of health information technologies.
  • Organize and manage informaticists' and technical support staff and collaborate with clinical and financial teams for integrated workflow processes across departments in a healthcare organization.
  • Create a vision and strategic plan for adoption and deployment of information technologies and systems in a healthcare organization.
  • Evaluate informatics competencies required for specific role functions of health informatics staff.