HED414 Violence & Bullying Prevention

Course Description

Focus on the nature, extent, causes and consequences, and remedies to forms of school violence, bullying, harassment, and cyber-intimidation. Discuss the personal, social, and legal ramifications and requirements for providing a safe, inclusive school environment. Explore preventative strategies and conflict-resolution techniques educators can utilize when issues occur.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the nature, dynamics, and causes of school violence within the context of "the culture of violence".
  • Identify the social and cultural factors and perceptions contributing to all forms of violence, intimidation, harassment, bullying.
  • Examine the impact of violence, bullying, harassment, and cyber-intimidation in lives of children, adolescents, families.
  • Classify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and causes of violent behaviors.
  • Assess effectiveness of current approaches and strategies in violence and bullying prevention.
  • Discuss techniques for conflict resolution.
  • Create an effective school violence prevention plan that involves the school, parents, and community.