HCA670 Healthcare Leadership

Course Description

Concepts of leadership related to current healthcare organizations. Communications - including public relations - team building, negotiation, and conflict resolution considered. Strategic aspects such as vision, viewpoint, and mission included. Managing uncertainty emphasized.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain concepts of leadership in healthcare organizations.
  • Evaluate leadership styles applicable to healthcare organization.
  • Categorize the roles of power and politics in healthcare organizations.
  • Describe contemporary leadership challenges in healthcare systems and organizations.
  • Compare and contrast different methods of team building, negotiating, and conflict resolution.
  • Design interpersonal and corporate communication strategies for healthcare organizations, including public relations and crisis communications plans.
  • Commit to development of organizational viewpoint, vision, and mission.
  • Analyze the influence of uncertainty on leadership functions and decision making.
  • Assess human and material resources essential to successful project outcomes.