HCA630 Healthcare Law & Ethics

Course Description

Legal, regulatory, and ethical dimensions of healthcare examined. Development and application of laws and regulations analyzed. Interpretation of uses of policy, law, and regulation changes and needs. Analysis of statutes and court decisions affecting healthcare. Ethical dimensions of healthcare organizations, their personnel and professionals considered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe how the American legal system works, including civil procedures.
  • Interpret statutes and court decisions affecting healthcare.
  • Explain how laws and regulations affect the structure and operation of healthcare organizations, including corporate law, tort law, fraud and abuse laws, civil rights, and antitrust laws.
  • Assess how law protects patient rights and regulates patient-provider relationships, including informed consent, medical malpractice, confidentiality, treatment termination, advance directives, human reproduction, and obligations to provide care.
  • Advocate for laws that promote health policy values and goals.
  • Select moral principles and guidelines embedded in healthcare processes and organizations.
  • Compare and contrast personal and professional ethical responsibilities and rights.