HCA624 Healthcare Planning & Marketin

Course Description

Strategic planning for healthcare organizations based on the analyses of secondary quantitative and qualitative data about technological, social, political, regulatory, and competitive aspects of the healthcare market. Marketing principles and tools for the development of a healthcare organization marketing plan.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze salient healthcare industry trends for application to strategic planning.
  • Strategically evaluate an organization, its present position, long-term direction, resources and competitive capabilities, and its opportunities for sustainable growth.
  • Produce a basic analysis of secondary quantitative demographic and competitive data from census and California health planning agency data.
  • Generate a healthcare organizational mission statement, vision, objectives and strategic priorities.
  • Initiate a strategic planning process, including analyzing the external and internal environment, service competitors, competitive advantage, and formulating directional strategies.
  • Explain the elements of an organizational crisis and disaster plan.
  • Analyze the factors that contribute to successful joint ventures between physician practices and hospitals (e.g., new physician recruitment; on call coverage of specialists)
  • Describe and differentiate the characteristics of strategic decision support (e.g., planning; marketing; modeling; forecasting).
  • Describe and differentiate marketing principles and tools (e.g., competitive and market research and data analysis; sales; advertising).
  • Understand the purposes and steps involved in a marketing audit and participate in conducting a marketing audit of an organization.
  • Initiate the development of a marketing plan for a healthcare organization.