HCA400 Foundations of HC Leadership

Course Description

Foundational introduction to the healthcare management profession. Examination of the theories, principles, and styles related to leadership, administration, and management as applied to healthcare organizations. Focuses on evolving trends in management, management and leadership theories, and skills in planning, organizing, decision-making, staffing, leading, communicating and motivating health care personnel.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the theories, principles, and concepts related to leadership, administration, and management as applied in healthcare.
  • Identify the components of the health care delivery system in the United States and factors that affect the management and operation of health care organizations.
  • Distinguish the roles and leadership styles applicable within a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Apply cultural competency strategies within healthcare organizations to support cultural, social, religious, racial, and ethnic equity and quality.
  • Compare and contrast various interpersonal, communication, and team building strategies.
  • Describe contemporary leadership challenges in healthcare systems and organizations.