COH618 Health Promotion Strategies

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gina Piane

Course Description

Investigation and evaluation of strategies implemented to promote health in communities. Emphasis on community organization, coalition building, curriculum development, communication theory and technology, social marketing, mass media and ecological models. Critical analysis of interventions that implement each strategy through systematic analysis of public health literature.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and differentiate among: Community Organization, Theories of Organizational Change, Communication Theory, Social Marketing and Ecological Models.
  • Explain and apply the constructs of each model to contemporary health behaviors.
  • Compare and contrast the utility of each model in explaining the influences on health behaviors for communities.
  • Explain behavioral determinants of health status.
  • Describe various health promotion programs, their objectives and content.
  • Illustrate how health promotion programs are implemented in a variety of settings, such as corporate, hospital, schools and community.
  • Differentiate between environmental and behavioral strategies used to promote health.
  • Evaluate the utility and efficacy of various strategies employed to promote one particular health behavior change.