COH608 Public Health andamp; the Enviro

Lead Faculty: Dr. Gina Piane

Course Description

Analysis of the health impact of home, workplace, community and global environments. Examines scientific understanding of causes and control of the major environmental health problems. Includes environmental pollutants; physical, chemical, and biological agents of environmental contamination; vectors for dissemination; solid hazardous waste; susceptible populations; biomarkers; and emerging global environmental problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the major sources and types of environmental agents.
  • Discuss the transport and fate of these agents in the environment.
  • Identify the carriers or vectors that promote the transfer of these agents from the environment to the human.
  • Describe how these agents interact with biological systems, and the mechanisms by which they exert adverse health effects.
  • Use models for prediction of the magnitude of adverse effects in biological systems.
  • Apply the steps in the risk-assessment and risk-management processes.
  • Apply the steps in the regulatory process in terms of risk-assessment and risk-management.
  • Evaluate current legislation and regulation regarding environmental issues.
  • Assess current gaps in the current knowledge base concerning the health effects of environmental agents.