COH430 HP Strategies & Tactics

Course Description

Methodologies to implement health promotion programs emphasized. Levels of intervention, from individual to society, are shown. Criteria for selecting methodologies presented.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define concepts of health promotion: individual, collective, organizational, community and societal levels.
  • Analyze health promotion methods applied to a given setting or health issue.
  • Distinguish between levels of prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation aimed at improving health status.
  • Identify major health challenges throughout the lifespan, integrating consideration of gender, socioeconomic status and race variables amenable to health promotion programs.
  • Explain the range of health promotion services involving downstream, midstream, and upstream target populations.
  • Assess the interactions and interdependence of biological, psychological, social, and systems factors affecting health promotion target populations and health issues.
  • Differentiate among macro and micro methodologies useful for specific health promotion problems.