COH412 Injury Prevention

Course Description

Occurrence and distribution of intentional and unintentional injuries in society and in selected population groups considered. Multiple physical, behavioral, social, and other variables contributing to injuries examined. Effective means for anticipating and preventing injuries identified.

Learning Outcomes

  • Classify methods of quantifying intentional and unintentional injuries and their severity.
  • Explain primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, with examples.
  • Classify prevention methods or risk factors using Haddon Matrix.
  • Evaluate sources of injury data, including their assets and liabilities.
  • Relate injury causal and risk factors to an ecological approach to public health.
  • Distinguishing between levels of prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation aimed at improving health status.
  • Analyze contributions to violent behavior, including exposure to violence, relationship violence, early childhood and juvenile experiences.
  • Compare and contrast criminal justice and public health responses to injuries