PAD642 Public-Private Financing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Maryam Davodi-Far

Course Description

An examination of financing partnerships between private businesses and public agencies such as school districts, college and university institutions and city and state governments. The course focuses on the design and construction of needed public facilities and the sponsoring of commercial redevelopment projects. Case studies provide detailed coverage of the complex process involve in taking a real estate project from conceptualization through construction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the trends in alternative revenue sources for government financing.
  • Analyze and evaluate the various alternative revenue sources available to administrators.
  • Analyze the development of public-private financing partnerships.
  • Compare traditional forms of government revenue sources with public-private ventures.
  • Analyze and evaluate strategies and techniques for developing collaborative public and private projects.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of privatization commissions and outsourcing programs.