ADR410 Facilitation Fundamentals

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jack B. Hamlin

Course Description

An interactive, introductory course designed for students and business professionals to develop an understanding of group dynamics and decision making as a basis for learning the roles, processes and techniques of group facilitation. The course utilizes role plays, simulations, and case studies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize how a facilitator can assist a group to increase its effectiveness.
  • Know how a group's behavior affects their ability to increase effectiveness.
  • Describe how facilitation can be used in an organizational setting.
  • Describe facilitative roles such as facilitator, leader, coach, trainer.
  • Identify functional and dysfunctional aspects of a group in order to increase its effectiveness.
  • Understand that a facilitator's role is to remain a substantively neutral third party.
  • Recognize that a facilitator's role is to help group members identify their emotions and deal with them in order to contribute to the group's success.
  • Explain the ground rules for a facilitation and know how to use them as an intervention process.