Dr. Jacque Lynn Foltyn

Jacque Lynn Foltyn, PhD, Professor of Sociology, is a cultural critic, sociologist, and media expert shaping public discourse in a variety of fields. An interdisciplinary trained social theorist, her scholarship has focused on popular culture, the body, fashion, beauty, gender, death, bereavement, art, celebrity, social media, the consumer-entertainment-industrial complex, and the social construction of knowledge. Foltyn served as editor-in-chief of Catwalk: The Journal of Fashion, Beauty and Style (2011-2016); appeared in the award-winning documentary about plastic surgery •Take My Nose•Please;• has written numerous academic journal articles and book chapters; and is author or editor of books focused on fashion, beauty, and death and culture. Editor of an award-winning special issue of Mortality: The Corpse in Contemporary Culture: Identifying, Transacting, and Recoding the Dead Body in the Twenty-First Century, Foltyn•s analyses of the public interest in celebrity deaths and deathly fashion have an international following; been subjects for scholars, essayists, columnists, bloggers, university courses, and graduate theses; gained her invitations as a plenary, keynote, and public speaker; and attracted international media attention. She has appeared on NBC The Today Show, CBS 48 Hours, NPR, and BBC, and been interviewed by CNN, Maclean•s, VICE, Inverse, Allure, More, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The Sydney Morning Herald, among other publications. The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC 20/20, NBC Dateline, 60 Minutes Australia, French Vogue, World Anthropologist, Newsweek, Revlon Corporation, Science Museum of Minnesota have sought her expertise. Her studies of quasi-widowhood (gained from her caretaking of her dying ex-spouse) have been used to train clergy, grief counselors, and hospice workers. Foltyn•s work has been honored by the American Sociology Association; the American Anthropology Association; the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath; the San Diego Museum of Art, Ilan Lael Foundation, and Mingei Museum. From 2009 – 2016, she led international conferences at Oxford University focused on critical studies of fashion, beauty, and aesthetics. She writes about travel and architecture and serves on the Editorial Board of the Emerald Studies in Death and Culture Series. Foltyn believes that her intellectual range, love of teaching, and general spirit of feistiness reflect a family upbringing in which her parents not only emphasized education but intellectual curiosity and the challenging of received knowledge.


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Dr. Jacque Lynn Foltyn

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