Service in the Casino Industry

Course Description

This course is a study of the casino resort industry with special focus on customer service issues in the development of a leisure industry. Overview of the customer service skills required in various casino operations, including establishing teamwork, developing employee motivation, and creating customer service actions. Ways to achieve outstanding customer service through time management, stress reduction and sensitivity development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe seven key stages in creating customer loyalty.
  • Distinguish six service issues important to the development of the gaming industry and retention of the gaming customer.
  • Demonstrate the basic skills and attitudes required in establishing and maintaining customer service in casino operations.
  • Describe and discern the casino customer/gaming customer, the basic functions necessary to create a rudimentary program to service customers with a goal of retaining that casino customer for return visits and the ten building blocks of ‘breakthrough’ service.
  • Identify and develop the core concepts of customer service awareness and be able to provide a positive customer service attitude in all casino operations.
  • Demonstrate the principles and techniques of outstanding unexpected ‘breakthrough’ customer service.
  • Identify, recognize and implement the most common verbal and non-verbal communication tools and communication forms of unexpected customer service.
  • Anticipate, discern and respond pro-actively to the most common customer demand situations within the leisure industry and present a positive role model for other employees not enrolled in the program.
  • Respond appropriately to customer requests, demands and anticipating and diffuse potentially difficult situations.
  • Identify methods of time and stress management to avoid stressful personal situations and to apply that knowledge by reducing any stressful customer service issues.
  • Develop, understand, and apply the positive forces of teamwork and group problem solving for the benefit of breakthrough service for customers.