Integrative Seminar

Course Description

SCD 699 Integrative Seminar Prerequisites: completion of two SCD courses Content of previous courses integrated into a seminar format in order to promote dialogue and critical analysis of community issues. Appropriate topics and issues related to social transformation and community development analyzed. Students discuss how they will apply knowledge and skills learned in the program in their future professional experiences. Students will create dialogue, identify and frame complex issues and apply critical thinking to examples. Grading is H, S, or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply research findings to develop a paper describing an applied development initiative (SCD 610 and SDC 650).
  • Synthesize course work and experiences in the program to participate in a graduate seminar.
  • Evaluate cases and papers in a constructive feedback process.
  • Apply feedback to refine paper and project.
  • Evaluate and assess important aspects of social transformation and community development, such as quality of life and social indicators, demographic trends, and the success/failure of initiatives and use the assessment for project improvement.
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