Player Development Program

Course Description

This course is a practical study that increases the understanding and furthers the implementation of an effective Player Rating System with the purpose of developing a loyal player development program. This course connects the various marketing efforts of a tribal casino with the responsible development of gaming guests. It analyzes and shows the advantages and disadvantages of comps and promotions. The student will also gain a better appreciation of the role of Gaming Information Technology towards building an individualized and appropriate Player development program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Relate and describe the twelve components of a Player Development Program and an effective Player Rating system.
  • Illustrate and categorize the responsibilities and functions of a Casino Host.
  • Exemplify eight basic components of casino marketing programs. This knowledge will include marketing basics as well as comps and promotions specific to the casino business.
  • Demonstrate verbally and in writing a basic understanding of the role of Gaming Information Technology in player development.
  • Recognize and distinguish actual and theoretical win calculations.
  • Structure and write effective promotions and billboard advertising.
  • Communicate and coordinate all marketing and IT efforts towards the development of Player Loyalty Development programs.
  • Perform basic writing skills for ‘prospectus’ development.
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