Adv Studies in Org Behavior in

Course Description

An in-depth review of current organizational behavior issues in the areas of workforce planning and performance management is covered as it relates to employee diversity. Using case studies, the course provides an integrated perspective of theory and practical aspects of interpersonal and group communication, organizational structures and system, and employee performance in the diverse workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the integrated components that make up Organizational Behavior and its impact on organizational development practices and human resource policies: individual behavior and learning organizations; team processes; and, organizational processes.
  • Formulate organizational change recommendations regarding organizational behavior issues.
  • Evaluate, synthesize, and apply HRM and OD theories as they relate to creating effective performance and change management programs in the workplace.
  • Evaluate and theorize methods designed to prevent employer liability and labor relation issues as related to organizational systems and structures that cause poor performance.
  • Evaluate and design programs for improved organizational performance of work groups and teams with a focus on communication and integration of technology.
  • Examine and apply best practices in leadership behavior that most positively influences positive organizational behavior.
  • Examine global workplace trends regarding managing organizational behavior in diverse national and international organizations.