Seminar in Training Developm

Course Description

Employee development is the responsibility of the line manager, the human resources professional, and the employee. This course provides essential managerial-level comprehension of training theory and its practical applications in the business and management environment. Students learn the functions and duties of training: trainer/developer, the identification and assessment of training needs, program design and development, selection of delivery methods and means of instruction, the implementation of training programs, and evaluation. The course integrates training and development, organizational development and career development, critical components of Human Resource Development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and apply the professional competencies necessary to identify training needs, design and develop training programs, deliver training, and evaluate results.
  • Conduct research necessary to design and/or conduct a comprehensive critique of training programs, including selecting training strategies, applying learning theory, selecting and applying the latest training technology, delivery methods and sources based on various criteria (such as costs, effectiveness, and appropriate learning modalities).
  • Write a training program, including needs analysis, learning objectives, lesson guide, and evaluation/performance tests.
  • Identify the impact of diversity on the overall training function and implement strategies to meet the diversity needs of learners and organizations.
  • Relate corporate training and development requirements with the diversity needs of learners and organizations.
  • Discuss the relationship between corporate training and development requirements and the satisfaction of individual employee career development needs.
  • Determine how a training and development program may contribute to organization development efforts and to use training programs as part of an organization development process.
  • Distinguish what is ethical behavior regarding the training and development function, as well as conduct ethics training within an organization, particularly as it applies to workplace diversity.
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