Integrating Performance Mgmt

Course Description

This course examines and assesses how technology can best be integrated into and utilized in the workplace to maximize human performance. Implications for information management and organizational communication are investigated and classified. A key aspect is how the two components are impacted by organizational communication. It examines current trends in enterprise-wide technology solutions, specifically as they relate to HRM and OD, implementation of technology, productivity as it relates to use and misuse, and how it facilitates change in human performance and organizational growth.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key HRM functions impacted by technology.
  • Implement technology into HRM functions.
  • Identify the impact of technology on the workplace in general, on managers, and on individual employees.
  • Examine theories and investigate their practical application as related to organizational communication and individual performance.
  • Evaluate and design programs for improved organizational and individual performance and communication utilizing technology.
  • Apply appropriate techniques to add value to organizations functions in a highly technical and rapidly changing industries.


National University
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