Leading at a Higher Level

Course Description

Developing a shared vision is uniquely important in cause leadership given the varied constraints and opportunities of the nonprofit sector. In order to lead others effectively and to inspire engagement by multiple stakeholders, participants will identify the importance of anchoring to their own and the organization’s purpose. Special focus will be given to the development of leadership capacity in others to ensure the ongoing sustainability and success of the organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine an organization’s unique vision and its relevance to the community, as well as the skills required to build a team of staff, donors and volunteers who are empowered to realize its promise
  • Discover the value of following purpose-based approaches to manage their organizations
  • Combine their own sense of purpose with that of the organization in which they lead
  • Construct a shared vision in order to motivate varied stakeholders
  • Develop the leadership capacity of others including personnel and volunteers
  • Discover how their actions impact others and use that information in recruiting and retaining personnel, volunteers, and donors
  • Examine their personal passion, values and ideals to develop their unique voice and leadership style


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