Cause Sales (Level 1)

Course Description

Emphasis on the importance of using good relationship-building tactics as the cornerstone of effective fundraising. Featured topics include individual and team fundraising, and development practice in a multi-cultural world. Grounded in industry-approved ethical standards of fundraising, the course offers a detailed examination of donor behavior and communication styles and the factors and motivations that influence donors in the philanthropic decision-making process. In addition, students will gain a greater understanding of one’s own solicitation style while honing the tools to navigate various attributes of behavior, versatility as a communication tool, gender style differences, and each donor’s unique context.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret one’s own and the donor’s social style model to improve fundraising relationships and development success
  • Differentiate fundraising through relationship-building verses traditional selling
  • Assess the vital elements in building relationships and preparing for a solicitation for support
  • Distinguish effective fundraising techniques
  • Evaluate the value and importance of team fundraising
  • Prioritize the fundraising cycle as a comprehensive tool in their development approach
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