Management of Gaming Revenues

Course Description

This course is a practical study in cash cage operations, including drop team operations, count room and basic principles of revenue audit. This includes the understanding and application of title 31 requirements and the practice of generation Suspicious Activity Reporting. The practical aspect of this course includes the proper counting, balancing and recording of cash, checks, credits, token chips and slot tickets.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and analyze six basic functions of cash cage operations, including count room and soft count, and revenue auditing.
  • Recite the main components of Title 31 requirements and Suspicious Activity Reporting including completion of forms and reports.
  • Perform basic casino revenue-related job functions including: cash window opening/closing/balancing; ticket redemptions and Window & Main bank/Vault Variances.
  • Interpret and fulfill the operational and functional objectives of the cash cage, the drop team, the count room and the revenue audit.
  • Utilize the proper chain of command.
  • Perform opening and closing cash window balancing.
  • Perform acceptance, issue and redemption of cash and cash equivalents.
  • Process and verify slot tickets, gaming chips and tokens.
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