Capstone Project

Course Description

Working in teams or as individuals under the guidance of their assigned faculty advisor, students clarify research topics and identify scholarly sources from which data is gathered in preparation for the project. Students then gather data and present their research in both written and oral form to the client organization, if applicable, and to other students and faculty. Students may choose to prepare a project as described in the Leadership Project Handbook. Grading is H, S, or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a research situation and question, and design the relevant methodology which will answer the question or solve the problem.
  • Integrate the sum of the student’s learning of leadership theory and practice as related to the research situation.
  • Create a grammatically correct, written, master level capstone paper using APA format, current edition. This project will demonstrate clear sequencing of topics, organization, adherence to APA style, and present correct writing style (grammar, style, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling).
  • Utilize ethical frameworks to assess potential impact of leadership strategies.
  • Employ technology in researching and presenting written communications.


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