Leadership Research

Course Description

This course prepares students to conduct in-depth research in their area of interest synthesizing knowledge, and theory of leadership. Students will learn to judge scholarly, peer-reviewed work as unique from wisdom literature found in many popular leadership books. Two research papers will be written in the course with a focus on preparation for the thesis/capstone project. APA format (current edition) will be required, and students will gain skills in internet searches. In addition, students will give a presentation of approximately ten minutes on one of their research paper topics in professional attire and utilizing the appropriate technology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess and evaluate scholarly research on current business topics, organizational and leadership theory.
  • Evaluate literature reviews and design a plan for further in-depth research.
  • Define research terms, and identify elements of research proposals.
  • Develop and write research papers using correct grammar and APA format.
  • Share research findings in a professional presentation with appropriate technology.
  • Apply appropriate written and oral skills, technology and ethical leadership skills in organizational settings.


National University
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