Consulting and Assessments

Course Description

Students gain both knowledge and skills to consult to organizations on leadership issues and development, whether within the infrastructure or to an external client base. Through the use of assessment instruments, students gain both understanding of self as well as expertise in administering tools with clients. Assessments for leadership also include personality, team performance and conflict styles. In order to work effectively with clients, skills for facilitating and training will be included.

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate strengths and opportunities for growth contributing to one’s leadership approach.
  • Administer a leadership assessment instrument in order to help develop leadership capacity in others.
  • Evaluate multiple leadership tools and determine which tools suit client needs.
  • Engage with and manage relationships with internal/external clients in order to conduct needs assessment for leadership development
  • Create interventions for clients around leadership development
  • Design a training framework to aid clients in organizational training needs for leadership
  • Debrief consulting/training sessions involving leadership development.
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