Course Description

The capstone course is designed to be the culminating work for the Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Under the guidance of the instructor, students will design a project to demonstrate their mastery of leadership theories, approaches and frameworks. Students will include scholarly research, attention to ethical frameworks, and critical analysis in their project. A professional presentation of 10-15 minutes of the student’s project is required. Grading is H, S, or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate the sum of the student’s learning of leadership theory and practice as related to case analysis or individual project.
  • Present a grammatically correct, written, final project.
  • Analyze and make recommendations concerning case studies or given scenarios needing leadership intervention.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use online resources to research and prepare written and oral assignments.
  • Prepare and present a 10-12 minute presentation demonstrating the student’s final project and skills in oral presentation.


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