Research Seminar

Course Description

This course is focused on developing a student’s research skills in preparation for the HRM670 Capstone Thesis Project. Students will be guided through research of peer-reviewed journal articles and research methodologies as they relate to the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. Faculty will guide students through written review of research and current practices in preparation for the HRM670 Capstone Thesis Project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and analyze cyclical trends in corporate strategy and HRM’s role.
  • Examine and compare seminal and current research on workplace trends as impacted by a diverse employee population nationally and internally.
  • Evaluate and apply concepts from management science, business, and HR related research that helps the HR function better align with corporate strategies and goals.
  • Formulate recommendations for improved organizational and individual performance based on research and trends as related to the employment lifecycle (entry, tenure, exit).
  • Examine legal and ethical trends in the workplace that impact how HR supports or leads organizational change.
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