Compensation Benefits

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the latest technology as it applies to the human resources function and its impact of human resource management administration and organizational development. The course also integrates and assesses fundamental aspects of wage, salary, benefit administration, and employee rewards and incentives as they are becoming increasingly supported by automated systems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appraise and classify benefits relevant to the employee population and organizational structure, and formulate a compensation system based upon merit, knowledge, and skill acquisition.
  • Assess and apply related financial and budgeting implications related to compensation, benefits and organizational structure/processes.
  • Evaluate the value of specific jobs within an organizational structure and design and conduct a salary survey and develop a pay structure.
  • Describe various kinds of compensation and incentive programs and the situations in which such programs would be effective.
  • Develop and manage a total compensation program, including communicating that program and related technology applications to employees in public, private and union settings.
  • Make recommendations to management regarding different forms of compensation for employees in different jobs and at different levels in the organizations.
  • Identify the key HRM functions impacted by technology.
  • Implement technology into HRM functions.
  • Identify the impact of technology on the workplace in general, on managers, and on individual employees.