Seminar in Employee Relations,

Course Description

The course provides students with both the day-to-day realm of common and complex issues related to human behavior in the workplace as it relates to employee relations, and an examination of relationships among unions, workers, management an the government. The course assesses legal restraints (i.e., negotiation, contract administration, decertification) and preparations and techniques for dealing with negotiations, strikes, and lock outs, as well as grievance handling and arbitration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify processes and procedures which govern the conduct of parties in union organization campaigns.
  • Describe the legal and regulatory parameters of union/management relations in collective bargaining and negotiation
  • Develop a strategic plan for conducting labor negotiations.
  • Explain the place of strikes and lockouts during a labor dispute.
  • Describe the processes for administering a collective agreement, including grievances which might arise out of the agreement.
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