Legal, Ethical Safety Issues

Course Description

A comprehensive analysis of the laws and regulations, both federal and state, that impact human resources management. The course emphasizes equal employment opportunity affirmative action, health and safety, privacy of information and methods of liability prevention in employment matters. Integrated into the course are aspects of ethical considerations as related to Human Resources Management, including employer use of power, organizational business practices, and safety concerns.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the legal rights and responsibilities of parties concerned with the practice of human resources management.
  • Examine cases arising out of or during the course of the employment relationship and determine impact on workplace issues.
  • Apply legal reasoning to human resources management in the development of policies and procedures, and in responses to workplace issues which invoke legal protections of employment relationships.
  • Construct a system to provide for consideration of laws and regulations in carrying out human resources management.
  • Discuss the importance of ethical conduct in employment relations in creating productive working environments and avoiding liability as an employer.
  • Communicate legal analysis of workplace issues in writing.
  • Identify computer-assisted research tools available to the human resources manager in regard to employment law.
  • Discuss the impact of cultural differences in a diverse workforce.
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