Legal, Reg, Labor Relation C

Course Description

An introduction to the wide spectrum of legal and regulatory concerns that human resources managers face in the workplace (EEO laws, affirmative action, compliance requirements, prevention of employment-related liability). The course ties in the development, aims, structure and function of labor and employer organizations, examines the relationship of labor and management, and bargaining and resolution of employer-employee issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify federal and major California employment laws.
  • Define terms used in describing forms of employment discrimination.
  • Recognize situations in which equal employment principles affect daily operations in hiring, staffing, discipline, compensation, promotion, and termination.
  • Discuss the responsibilities of managers and supervisors in the prevention of liability arising from employment relationships.
  • Describe policies and procedures designed to avoid discrimination and harassment litigation and/or liability.
  • Discuss the importance of ethical conduct in employment relations in creating productive working environments and avoiding liability as an employer.
  • Communicate legal analysis of workplace issues in writing.
  • Provide information about the labor and management relationship determined by collective bargaining practices.
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