Recruit, Selection, Promo, Ret

Course Description

This course is designed to explore all aspects of reviewing the strategic direction of an organization and how it relates to assessing and filling jobs, from initial hiring through subsequent placement, promotion, and retention. It will include techniques for determining staffing needs, recruiting, screening, assigning, evaluating, assessing, and promoting. An exploration of options for employee development and retention in changing economy is provided. Also reviewed are special concerns regarding regulations, employee attitudes, and union representation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze a staffing need and prepare a brief description of the requirements of the position and an ideal candidate.
  • Write advertisements that reflect the staffing need.
  • Evaluate applications to determine fit with need.
  • Write interview questions to further explore fit with need.
  • Carry out interviews using interview questions.
  • Select best candidate to meet need.
  • Prepare orientation to assist new employee to integrate smoothly and become productive quickly.
  • Utilize similar processes and standards, whether hiring from outside the organization or promoting from within.
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